The Alhambra: A Cycle of Studies on the Eleventh Century in Moorish Spain

The Alhambra: A Cycle of Studies on the Eleventh Century in Moorish Spain

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von Frederick P. Bargebuhr


Frontmatter -- Prologue. The Story of a Discovery and a Reply to Critics -- PART I. A SOLOMONIC RENAISSANCE -- A. Cordova -- B. The Arabs -- C. The Jews -- Notes to Part I -- PART II. THE ALHAMBRA - ART HISTORY -- A. Dramatis Personae (In Full) -- B. Ibn Gabirol's Testimony: A Nature Poem and Encomium to a Maecenas and his Castle -- C. Location of Yeho¿eph ibn Naghralla's Alhambra Palace -- D. The Court of Lions -- E. Other Constructions and Works of Art found in the Present Alhambra which may have been Yeho¿eph ibn Naghalla's -- F. Again Ibn Gabirol's Poem: The other References to the Palace -- Notes to Part II -- PART III. THE ALHAMBRA PALACE - LITERARY STUDIES -- A. Introduction. Nature Poetry of the Eleventh Century -- Notes to Part III A -- B. Ibn Gabirol's Great Nature Poem -- Notes to Part III ¿ -- C. Ibn Gabirol's Garden and Spring Poems -- D. Arabic Flower-Portraits -- E. Ibn Gabirol: The Present of Roses -- Notes to Part III C, D, ¿ -- Abbreviations -- Index A: Proper Names (including dynasties, nations, religions, sects) -- Index B: Subjects of Fine Arts -- Index C: Literary Subjects (including Metaphors) -- Index D: Geographic Names -- Index E: Book Titles -- Index F: Poems listed by their Beginning Words -- Index G: Foreign Words -- List of Illustrations -- Backmatter

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