Television For Adolescent Development: Role of Television

Television For Adolescent Development: Role of Television

Taschenbuch - 9783848438990
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von J. R. Jagadish, . Mahesh Chandra Guru


Television for adolescent development is a result of the empirical study carried out by J.R.Jagadish under the guidance of Dr.B.P.Mahesh Chandra Guru, Professor,Department of Studies in Communication and Journalism, University of Mysore. The book provides adequate theoretical and empirical basis and evidence on the role of television in the development of adolescents in India and other developing nations. The book has six sections. The first section deals with a detailed introduction to the salient features of adolescence, personality aspects of adolescents and the state of adolescents in India. The second section contains an extensive review of literature in the subject of adolescent specific telecasting service iin abroad,India and Karnataka state. The third section provides the salient features of the empirical study on the impact of television on adolescents. The fourth section presents the systematic methodological details of the empirical investigation. The fifth section enumerates the results of the empirical study on the role of television in the adolescent development in Karnataka state. The sixth section contains relevant findings and suggestions which would Improve

Tags: Medien, Kommunikation, Kommunikationswissenschaft

Taschenbuch - 9783848438990
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