Tanzplätze für Ariadne: Where Ariadne Dances

Tanzplätze für Ariadne: Where Ariadne Dances

von Renate Kordon
Hardcover - 9783902833938
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Where Ariadne Dances is the title of a series of watercolors, in which Renate Kordon develops her versions of the myth of the Cretan labyrinth. She combines elements of ancient architecture with the theme of the female artist, movement in dance, the interplay of memory and oblivion, of being with oneself and being beside oneself. Architecture is set in motion, is transformed by the artist's hand, corresponds with her, becomes light and malleable and develops sensuous talents.

In her images, Kordon combines the techniques of architectural sketching and film animation, works like a trickster with misdirection and surprise, thanks to her virtuosity in her free

Renate Kordon created these watercolors in the early 1980s. This publication is the first to document the series in its entirety; contributions by Kate Howlett-Jones and Otto Kapfinger and a conversation with Diane Shooman provide interpretations from various perspectives.


Verlag Schlebrügge.Editor
Ersterscheinung Juli 2016
Maße 287 mm x 254 mm x 17 mm
Gewicht 850 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783902833938
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 109