Spying through a porthole: Scrum with Intercultural dimensions

Spying through a porthole: Scrum with Intercultural dimensions

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von Sarah Kuria


Ignoring cultural issues does not make them go away. On the contrary, organizational culture, rather than diminishing or eradicating national culture, makes individuals emphasise their national culture even more. This study hopes to spark interest in the potential cultural considerations for the execution of effective software development projects. The Agile framework Scrum is used in the paper. Scrum is a modern project management technique that has been successfully applied to other environments besides software development. In Software Engineering, the Scrum framework is designed to increase group productivity and quality. Knowing the potential leaks in the implementation of Scrum can open the way to the development, and consequently the acceptance of improved process design implementations. "Spying through a porthole" uses Intercultural Communication theory to address Software Development project management issues.

Tags: Informatik, EDV, Informatik

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