Sports for Persons with Disabilities: Prospects and Challenges

Sports for Persons with Disabilities: Prospects and Challenges

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von Yaba Ssenoga James


Sports for Persons with Disabilities in Kampala, started in the 1960's among the physically handicapped hence over the years interest in the practice has spread to other disabilities to the extent that today nearly all PWDs have a sport. This has led to a lot of pressures on all stakeholders relating to finance, structures, organization and participation among others. This book therefore provides an indepth view of the status, challenges and future strategies aimed at maximizing the spoils of sports for PWDs to the PWDs, their families and the community at large. The findings should be of great value to organizations of PWDs, schools, Technocrats and PWDs themselves or any other stakeholder within or outside Uganda seeking to uplift sports for PWDs in our communities.

Tags: Pädagogik, Sozialpädagogik, Soziale Arbeit

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