Speech Acts, Meaning and Intentions: Critical Approaches to the Philosophy of John R. Searle

Speech Acts, Meaning and Intentions: Critical Approaches to the Philosophy of John R. Searle

Hardcover - 9783110113006
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Frontmatter -- Introduction -- 1. Historical Roots of Speech Act Theory -- Towards a history of speech act theory / Smith, Barry -- Speech act theory and phenomenology / Crosby, John F. -- 2. Speech Act Theory between Semantics and Pragmatics -- Speech act theory - the decline of a paradigm / Burkhardt, Armin -- Searle on sincerity / Falkenberg, Gabriel -- On the concept of action in illocutionary logic / Rolf, Eckard -- 3. Speech Act Theory and Intentionality -- Speech acts and intentionality / Harnish, Robert M. -- Representational semantics and illocutionary acts / Liedtke, Frank W. -- Intentionality of perception. An inquiry concerning J. R. Searle's conception of intentionality with appeal to Husserl / Baumgartner, Wilhelm / Klawitter, Jörg -- 4. Meaning -- Literal meaning and logical theory / Katz, Jerrold J. -- Searle's theory of proper names, from a linguistic point of view / Evans, Michael J. / Wimmer, Rainer -- Congruence and modulation in propositional attitudes / Marletti, Carlo -- 5. Theory of Metaphor and Fictional Discourse Armin Burkhardt: Searle on metaphor -- Searle on metaphor / Burkhardt, Armin -- The logical status of fictional discourse: what Searle's speaker can't say to his hearer / Reboul, Anne -- 6. Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science -- Minds, brains and cognitive science / Münch, Dieter -- Perspectives on mind, brain, and language: Linguistics as a cognitive science or Touring the Chinese room again / Bierwisch, Manfred -- Backmatter


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