Songs In Search Of A Musician

Songs In Search Of A Musician

von Abdalhamid David Evans
Taschenbuch - 9780993456909
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Described by one reader as 'sort of like Rumi meets Dylan', this collection of lyric verse brings a new voice to the long tradition of English poetry. Written from the unique perspective of a western convert to Islam in the 70's, Songs In Search of A Musician takes the reader on a journey across an inner landscape of emotion, reflection, insight and spiritual awakening.

Accompanied by striking and original black and white photos, the poems are gathered into four themed sections. The first, Zam Zam, deals with the relationship between the self and the Divine, with pilgrimage, prayer, invocation and rememberance, with death and the afterlife. The second, Asabiyyah, is a reflection on family, kinship, community, love and loss, travel and homecoming. Margin Call is a shouted cry against the crimes of usury banking, speculation, paper money, war and injustice. Sufi Blues is a mixed bag of songs about the human condition, poised as we are between fear and hope.

This first collection of poems, each with their own distinct rhythm and rhyme, is perhaps best described in the opening poem, Welcome Mat. And if you listen carefully, you may just hear the tune as you read.

Some of these are serious

And some of them just ain't

Some are like trying to bottle mist

And some are like spraying paint

Some might cut you to the quick

And some may cut you slow

Words like stones in a dry stone wall

Or drops in the river's flow

I offer them, just like the sap

That flows within my wrist

In hope that you may catch the line

Or maybe get the gist

If good there be, it's from my Lord

Or from the ones that taught me

Some just hit me where I stood

Or as I turned, they caught me

Some dropped from my eyes as tears

And dried here, on the pages

Some with sorrow, some with joy

Some quick, and some for ages

Some dropped like stone and rippled deep

Within my caged heart

And some burst like a water bomb

And blew me wide apart

Come taste a little, taste a lot

Fill your belly, fill your pot

And take away the ones that stay and linger

One may take your hand

One may take your heart

Or may just touch the tip of your finger


Verlag David Evans
Ersterscheinung Dezember 2015
Maße 254 mm x 178 mm x 6 mm
Gewicht 233 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9780993456909
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 116