Shifters of the Black Moon

Shifters of the Black Moon

von William Kendall
Taschenbuch - 9781640799547
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It was a strange year with a winter that comes along as rare as The Black Moon. Nonetheless, such was the year for Will Kross. He was a man beguiled by his own actions and choices, a man condemned and tormented by a past he was not guilty of, a man demoralized and disillusioned by a past created by himself and the beliefs of those who wanted so desperately to believe the worst in him that they would spin a tale anyone would believe if they wanted to see him fail.
Then came Benjamin, Texas and a Marshal named Collin Teale along with a range war. Then came Seven Wells and an alluring woman who gave him hope in a future not yet determined. Then came the battle with the Comanche War chief who can only be described in vision through a metamorphosis during the time of the Black Moon. The brave raced through the starry black night, his feet left the earth to revel the light of the silver diamonds, his arms stretch and expand into wings whose powerful thrashing lifted him into the four winds as his mighty talons flared and his eyes took on the merciless red stare of the spectre, Stone Hawk.
Through this battle would come a resurrection. Will Kross would leave everything behind and become as a man with nothing. His eyes would gray into the steel eyed gunfighter from a time almost forgotten, a man never forgotten only dwelling in heightened shadow not wanting to be revealed.
Still, lightning strikes where it may to cleanse the air and often the souls of men. It is then that the essence of a man is reborn with brilliant shimmering light, birthing a warrior who trains all his life to do battle and live his entire life in but one day.


Verlag Inc. Christian Faith Publishing
Ersterscheinung November 2017
Maße 229 mm x 152 mm x 9 mm
Gewicht 254 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9781640799547
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 168