Rose Under Poly House: Micro-nutrient Management in Rose Under Poly House

Rose Under Poly House: Micro-nutrient Management in Rose Under Poly House

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von Vijeta Hiremath, A. V. Barad


Rose is one of the oldest flowers under cultivation and most popular of all garden flowers throughout the world. Rose flowers are so beautiful in shape, size, fragrance and color, slow opening of flowers and good keeping quality made roses so popular that it is grown commercially to meet the demand for internal and export market. It is top ranking cut flower in the flower trade on the basis of acreage, production and consumption. In India, roses are grown for cut flowers, making essential oil, rose water and gulkand. Dry petals of roses are used for making incense sticks.Growing of rose under green house has become a commercial practice in many countries including India. However, its cultivation demands special care and attention, so that the flower blooms to their maximum potential. Any attempt to increase yield and to obtain the best quality of rose flowers have a decisive role on the economy of rose growers. One of the best method for increasing the yield and quality of flowers is through application of plant nutrient, such as macro, secondary and micro nutrients through soil as well as foliar application.Micro-nutrients like MgSO4 & FeSO4 are most important in Rose.

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