Religious Elements in Italian Art:: Michelangelo's Reflection

Religious Elements in Italian Art:: Michelangelo's Reflection

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von Asma Kazmi


The thrust of the book Religious Elements in Italian Art: Michelangelo's Reflection is to work out briefly Italian Religious weltanschauung along with exploring of the artistic brilliance of Michelangelo through his paintings, sculptures and architecture. Apart from discussing Religion, Art, Aesthetics, and relation between Art and Religion; Michelangelo's Religious Paintings/Sculptures, with explanations/illustrations, have been undertaken to explore his deep spiritual insight under Christianity. The great High Renaissance sculpture-artist, Michelangelo believed that both Religion and Art spring from emotion, live in exuberant imagination and awaken admiration, reverence and awe. He believed that most powerful inspiration in the history of human art and thought has been "religion". That is why his versatility in creativity, superb innovative powers and diversity of his skills in painting, sculpture, architecture and poetry earned him the epithet 'Divine'. Accordingly, an explication of Michelangelo's Love of art and religion is the central theme of the present book. Michelangelo accorded supreme value to religion and very effectively incorporated its themes in his art and thought.

Tags: Philosophie, Renaissance, Aufklärung

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