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Regional Development in Europe: Recent Initiatives and Experiences; Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Science Parks and Innovation Centres held in Berlin, November 12-13, 1987

Regional Development in Europe: Recent Initiatives and Experiences; Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Science Parks and Innovation Centres held in Berlin, November 12-13, 1987

Hardcover - 9783110118155
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Frontmatter -- Foreword -- Contents -- Welcoming Address / Watter, Wolfgang / Strub, Albert -- 1 Introduction -- 1.1 Technical and Market Changes and Regional Development Potential / Ewers, Hans-Jürgen -- 1.2 The Science Park Phenomenon and Regional Development / Laffitte, Pierre -- 2 Regional Development Policies in the International Context -- 2.1 European Community Regional Policy Developments / Mulcahy, T. Joseph -- 2.2 Science Parks in Europe / Tesse, Pierre Yves -- 2.3 Regional Development Policy in Europe / Dekker, Dirk Jan -- 2.4 Strategies of Regional Development in Europe and TII Activity in the Context of an Innovation-Oriented Regional Policy / Pedinelli, Antonio -- 2.5 Regional Development Policies in the OECD Countries: Trends and Comments on Recent Developments / Gaudemar, Jean-Paul de -- 2.6 Strategie Management of Endogenous Regional Development / Gerybadze, Alexander -- 3 New Experiences in Applying Endogenous Strategies for Regional Development. (Working Group 1) -- 3.1 Innovation and National-Level Regional Development and Planning Policies in France / Debisshop, Véronique -- 3.2 Recent Changes in the Policy Tools for the Development of Italy’s Mezzogiorno / Novacco, Nino -- 3.3 Local Initiatives for the Promotion of Innovation in the Federal Republic of Germany / Heuer, Hans -- 3.4 The Development of Regional Technology Centres in Great Britain / Croome, David / Hardy, David -- 3.5 Industrial-Technological Complexes: A Case Study of Brazil / Millan, Marilia-Rosa / Frenkel, Jacob / Malcher, J. G. -- 3.6 Innovation-Oriented Policy on the Regional Level as Well as in Border Areas of Southern Germany / Haldenwang, Holger -- 3.7 Regional Development and Vocational Training / Pierret, Maria -- 4 Instruments of Regional Policy for the Furthering of New Business Ventures. (Working Group 2) -- 4.1 Conceptualization of Technology Centres and Regional Venture Capital Funds in Conformity With Market Conditions / Otto, Klaus-Dieter -- 4.2 Models for the Creation of Business Ventures in the Vicinity of Science Parks and Universities / Nicholls, Harry -- 4.3 Four Years of Innovation and Technology Centres in the Federal Republic of Germany: An Evaluation / Wodtke, Karl Heinz -- 4.4 Assisting Businesses in Problem Areas / Burian, Gerhard -- 4.5 Enterprise Creation in Italy: The Role of SPI / Felice, Giovanni de / Fornari, Claudio -- 4.6 Results and Requirements for Promoting Technology- Oriented Enterprises in Infrastructurally Weak Regions: The Example of Eastern Bavaria / Auchter, Eberhard -- 4.7 Mobilizing Higher Educational Institutions as a Source of New Technology Based Firms / Gould, Andrew J. -- 4.8 Dutch Spin-Off Companies as a Means for Successful International Technology Transfer: The Case of the University of Twente / van Barneveld, Dick -- 4.9 The Twente Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: An example of public-private partnership for the development of business opportunities / During, Willem E. -- 5 Initiatives in the Context of Regional Policies in Order to Intensify R&D Activities and Technology Transfer as well as to Improve the Qualification Structures -- 5.1 Are Science Parks Effective? A Proposal for Cross-National Research / Ganter, Hans-Dieter -- 5.2 Tecnopolis: Between International Tendencies and Regional Development / Bozzo, Umberto -- 5.3 Technology Transfer: Enhancing Scotland’s Competitiveness (Summary) / Lightbody, David -- 5.4 Pilot Projects as an Instrument for Technology / Kösters, Hermann -- 5.5 Promoting Research Advancement in the Lagging Regions of Italy / Boffo, Stefano / Gagliardi, Francesco -- 5.6 Information Technology Centres as Instruments of Regional Policy to Promote Information Technology in the Federal Republic of Germany / Tüschen, Norbert -- 5.7 Contacts and Contracts Between Universities and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Possibilities and Limitations / Berculo, Pim -- 5.8 Research and Development of Projects: A New Service Offered by BIC / Guidât de Queiroz, Claudine -- 5.9 Lifelong Education and Training as Decisive Factors of Regional Development: “Training for innovation” – a Programme for Berlin's Industry -- 6 Programmes and Concepts in Promoting Industrial Innovations in Different European Regions. (Working Group 4) -- 6.1 Piedmont and Aosta Valley, Italy: Technology Transfer Services for Entrepreneurs / Mosagna, Renzo -- 6.2 Structural Changes in the Ruhr Area: Development Strategies in Promoting Innovations and Technology and Knowledge Transfer / Morath, Michael -- 6.3 Wales, Great Britain: Strategies of the Welsh Development Agency / Daniel, Alun -- 6.4 Regionalization in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria): Strategic Outlines and First Experiences with a New Instrument of Regional Policy / Plitzka, Richard / Krendelsberger, Theodor -- 6.5 Technology Transfer Networks in Nord/Pas-de-Calais: Accomplishments, Limits and Questions / Delpierre, Martine / Mahieu, Christian -- 6.6 The Loeben Technology Transfer Centre: A Contribution to Structural Change in the Problem Region of Upper Styria (Austria) / Paschen, Peter -- 6.7 Technology-Based Economic Development in Northern Ireland / Copestake, Thomas B. -- 6.8 Research as an Economic Factor: Initiatives in the Region of Aachen, F.R.G. / Heidrich, Wolfgang -- 6.9 Selected Qualification-Oriented Measures in the Saarland: Initial and Continuing Training for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises / Bach, Bernd -- Contributors -- Backmatter


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