Realms & Reality: Zero Conformity

Realms & Reality: Zero Conformity

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von Ila Golden


Out in space and completely removed from their own reality, life for Catilin, James and Kisara is about to get complicated. It is the comparative 'future' where space travel is common place and advancements in technology have caused more than a few questionable moral practices to occur. James Wheeler and Kisara Tucker are from our world and time, so when they and their mysterious friend Catilin find themselves onboard an extraterrestrial trans-reality spaceship, its more than just the abduction they have to get their heads around. Things quickly change from bad to worse as a deadly virus threatens Catilin's life and her friends become determined to find the cure in time. After the vessel they're on comes under attack a burning room lands them with Ouza, a potential ally in this strange new world. But is the enigmatic Ouza really all he claims to be or will the secret he's keeping prove to be the friends' downfall? As life in space becomes more complicated, home starts to seem further and further away.

Tags: Belletristik, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Taschenbuch - 9783845446660
Verlag: Just Fiction Edition
Ersterscheinung: Mai 2014
ISBN-13: 9783845446660
Größe: 220 mm x 150 mm x 19 mm
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