Quantitative genetics of cotton: Genetic analysis of metric traits of cotton

Quantitative genetics of cotton: Genetic analysis of metric traits of cotton

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von Muhammad Muzaffar raza, Faisal Nadeem


Breeding is the compulsory subject for undergraduate, post graduate students and for the breeders as well. As the population of the world is increasing day by day so the demand for food, shelter and cloth is also increasing. Due to which cultivated land is also decreasing. Now there is need to increase per unit production with in existing resources. Breeding is the only way to achieve the goals. This book contains genetic information of cultivated varieties of cotton. The genetic analysis of the characters like plant height, no of sympodial branches, no. of bolls per plant, boll weight, yield of seed cotton per plant, lint percentage, staple length, fibre fineness and fibre strength has been performed to show the importance of genotypic differences for all the characters. The joint regression analysis for the adequacy of additive dominance model, graphical representation of variances (Vr) and covariances (Wr), additive type of gene action with partial dominance, over dominance and Non allelic interaction for phenotypic expression has also been discussed.

Tags: Biologie, Genetik, Gentechnik

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