Public Diplomacy in Slovakia: An Effective New Approach

Public Diplomacy in Slovakia: An Effective New Approach

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von Olga Algayerova


The effectiveness of public diplomacy is measured by minds changed. In order to improve our picture in other's minds tomorrow, we have to get better, smarter and nicer today. Surprisingly, in this way we could change the world.This paper outlines the requirements for a modern and effective public diplomacy with a specific focus on Slovakia. It claims that civil society and private sector must be brought on board in order to include the entire spectrum of the society. If sustainability and credibility is to be achieved, fundamental values generated by own citizens must become a basis. Creating a distinguishable image in the fierce competition of other countries requires a consistent, diligent and patient effort. Special attention is paid to the sometimes strained political relations between Slovakia and Hungary and argues for the greater use of public diplomacy to influence positive change. The paper concludes by suggesting that carefully elaborated and targeted public diplomacy should become an increasingly important asset. This book should be useful not only for public diplomacy practitioners but for anyone interested in nation branding or foreign affairs.

Tags: Politikwissenschaft, Vergleichende und internationale Politikwissenschaft

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