Potential of Herbal Preparations as Biopreservatives: Green Preservation

Potential of Herbal Preparations as Biopreservatives: Green Preservation

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von Charu Gupta, Amar P. Garg, Dhan Prakash


The increase of food borne infections has initiated considerable research interest towards the discovery of potent antimicrobial agents. However, the recent negative consumer perception against artificial preservatives, has shifted the research effort towards the development of alternatives that consumers perceive as naturals. In this era of increased concern on food safety, natural methods of preservation are receiving increased attention. Biopreservatives- a wide range of natural products from both plants and microorganisms- can be useful in extending shelf life of foods, reducing or eliminating pathogenic bacteria and increasing overall quality of food products. The present study confirms that essential oils (clove, cinnamon and peppermint) and herbal extracts (amchur, tamarind, clove, cinnamon and amla) possess in vitro antibacterial and antifungal activity and they can be used as biopreservatives in various food stuffs. Replacement or combination of chemical additives with spices could attenuate the levels of consumption of these chemicals.

Tags: Biologie, Mikrobiologie

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