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Poetic Word

Poetic Word

von William Chauke
Hardcover - 9781725262782
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This book, based on the word of God, uses poetry as an entertaining medium for ministering. It contains thirty-three poems with accompanying biblical references and relevant commentary in the notes section. The compilation of these poems came about through a revelatory process as the author was immersed in Bible study, prayer, and meditation.
The book seeks to impart important Christian values through the medium of poetry that can be used as the basis for a more substantive Bible study, especially among the youth and students. The book can also be used as a resource for Bible study purposes by pastors, youth leaders, and teachers. Finally, poetry enthusiasts may come to appreciate important biblical themes and values as they enjoy and critique the poems.
Four poetic formats--sonnets, free verse, limericks, and ballads--are used to communicate significant Christian values. And as the reader is being entertained by the poems, they also become intensely exposed to some useful biblical teachings that are designed to facilitate their own spiritual growth.


Verlag Resource Publications
Ersterscheinung Februar 2020
Maße 235 mm x 157 mm x 9 mm
Gewicht 279 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9781725262782
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 78