Ore Genesis: The State of the Art

Ore Genesis: The State of the Art

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Genesis of Ores (Mostly Diagenetic) in Sedimentary and Weakly Metamorphosed Sedimentary Rocks.- Detrital Sedimentary Rocks.- Replacement Phenomena of Terrigenous Minerals by Sulphides in Copper-Bearing Permian Sandstones in Poland.- Problems of Genesis of Copper Sandstones of Central Europe.- Hydrothermal Alterations of Conglomeratic Uranium Ores, Pronto Mine, Ontario, Canada.- The Isotopic Composition of Lead in Galenas in the Uranium Ores at Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.- Pre-Witwatersrand and Witwatersrand Conglomerates in South-Africa: A Mineralogical Comparison and Bearings on the Genesis of Gold-Uranium Placers.- The Tin Deposit of Monte Valerio (Tuscany, Italy): Pneumatolytic-Hydrothermal or Sedimentary-Remobilization Processes?.- Turbidite Barite in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, U.S.A..- Carbonates.- The Permo-Triassic Paleokarst Ores of Southwest Sardinia (Iglesiente-Sulcis). An Attempt at a Reconstruction of Paleokarst Conditions.- Observations on Ore Rhythmites of the Trzebionka Mine, Upper Silesian-Cracow Region, Poland.- The Genesis of the Zinc-Lead Ore Deposits of Upper Silesia, Poland.- The Influence of Original Host Rock Character Upon Alteration and Mineralization in the Tri-State District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, U.S.A..- Karst or Thermal Mineralizations Interpreted in the Light of Sedimentary Ore Fabrics.- Atoll Texture in Minerals of the Cobaltite-Gersdorffite Series from the Raipas Mine, Finnmark, Norway.- Evaporites.- A New Type of Sulphosalt Mineralization in the Myrthengraben Gypsum Deposit, Semmering, Lower Austria.- Genesis of Ores in Volcano-Sedimentary Sequences.- Sb-As-Tl-Ba Mineral Assemblage of Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Origin, G¿m¿sk¿y Deposit, K¿tahya (Turkey).- A Strata-Bound Ni-Co Arsenide/Sulphide Mineralization in the Paleozoic of the Yauli Dome, Central Peru.- Sedimentary and Diagenetic Fabrics in the Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit of Colquijirca, Central Peru.- Sulphide Occurrence Near Tunca, Turkey.- The Condestable Mine, a Volcano-exhalative Deposit in the Mesozoic Coastal Belt of Central Peru.- Genesis of Deposits in Recent Sediments.- Chemical Forms of Metal Enrichment in Recent Sediments.- Ocean Floor ¿Metalliferous Sediments¿ ¿ Two Possibilities for Genesis.- Textures, Mineralogy and Genesis of Manganese Nodules on the Blake Plateau, Northwestern Atlantic Ocean.- Weathered Products of Ore Deposits.- Vanadium Oxides in the Urcal Deposit, Argentina.- On the Nature of Co-Ni Asbolane; a Component of Some Supergene Ores.- Genesis of Low-Grade Chromite Ore Deposits in Lateritic Soils from the Philippines.- The Oxidized Zone of the Broken Hill Lode, N.S.W..- Alteration of Radioactive Minerals in Granite and Related Secondary Uranium Mineralizations.- Genesis of Ores in Igneous Rocks.- Deposits in Acidic Volcanic and Subvolcanic Rocks.- Native Tellurium from Musariu, Brad Region, Metaliferi (Metalici) Mountains, Romania.- Deposits of the Pegmatitic-Pneumatolytic and Hydrothermal Associations.- Metallogenetic Area of Zletovo-Kratovo, Yugoslavia: Mineralogy and Genesis of Ore Deposits.- The Tin Ore Deposit of Orissa, India.- The Colquiri Tin Deposit: a Contribution to Its Genesis.- Laramide Igneous Rocks and Related Porphyry Copper Occurrences of Southwest Romania.- Polymorphic Variations of Pyrrhotite as Related to Mineralization in the Pyrometasomatic Copper, Zinc, Iron-Sulphide Deposits at the Kawayama Mine, Japan.- Deposits in Basic Plutonic and Extrusive Rocks.- Plasticity of Cryolite and Brecciation in the Cryolite Deposit, Ivigtut, South Greenland.- The Formation of Chromite and Titanomagnetite Deposits Within the Bushveld Igneous Complex.- Aspects on the Gold Distribution in Some Greek Chromites.- Ultramafic Rocks and Related Ore Minerals of Lapland, Northern Finland.- Chromite and Graphite in the Platiniferous Dunite Pipes of the Eastern Bushveld.- Peridotites and Serpentinites of the East Alps and the Origin of Their Enclosed Ore Minerals.- Genesis of Ores in Metamorphic Rocks.- Strata-Bound Sulphides in the Early Archaean Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland.- On the Hawleyite-Sphalerite-Wurtzite-Galena Paragenesis from Ragada, Komotini, (Rhodope) North Greece.- Remobilization of Strata-Bound Scheelite Indicated by Tectonic, Textural and Crystallographic Features in Brejui Mine, NE Brazil.- Uranium Occurrences of Bavaria, Germany (With Emphasis on the Bavarian Pfahl of the Altrandsberg District).- Some Features of Ore Fabric, Sasca Montana Skarn Deposit, Romania.- Diagenetic Crystallisation and Migration in the Banded Iron Formations of Orissa, India.- Iron Formations of Precambrian Age: Hematite-Magnetite Relationships in Some Proterozoic Iron Deposits ¿ A Microscopic Observation.- Thorium Concentrations in the Bodenmais, Bavaria, Sulphide Deposit.- Petrography, Mineralogy and Genesis of the U-Ni Deposits, Key Lake, Sask., Canada.- Studies of a Regional Nature.- Andean Metallogeny Related to the Tectonic and Petrologic Evolution of the Cordillera. Some Remarkable Points.- Correlation of Strata-Bound Mineral Deposits in the Early Cretaceous Santa Metallotect of North and Central Peru.- A Caldera of Neogene Age and Associated Hydrothermal Ore Formation, Ticapampa-Aija Mining District, Cordillera Negra, Department of Ancash, Peru.- The Exhalative Sediments Linked to the Volcanic Exhalative Massive Sulphide Deposits: A Case Study of European Occurrences.- Strata-Bound Ores of Spain: Newly Discovered Features and Their Interpretation.- Silver and Associated Minerals in the Northwestern Odenwald, Germany.- Late Variscan and Early Alpine Mineralization in the Eastern Alps.- Radioactive Disequilibrium Studies in Uranium Occurrences of the Odenwald, West Germany.- On the Alpidic Mineralization in Western Central Europe Outside the Alps.- Ore Textures as Indicators of Formation Conditions of Mineral Paragenesis in Different Types of Stratiform Lead-Zinc Deposits.- Constraints on the Genesis of Major Australian Lead-Zinc-Silver Deposits: from Ramdohr to Recent.- Precambrian and Phanerozoic Massive Sulphide Deposits.- Genesis of Uranium Deposits. An Appraisal of the Present State of Knowledge.- Spatial and Temporal Considerations of Ore Genesis.- A Topology of Mineralization and Its Meaning for Prospecting.- Uniformitarianism and Ore Genesis.- Experimental Studies of Ore Mineral Associations.- The Cu-Ni-S System and Low Temperature Mineral Assemblages.- On the Crystal Chemistry of Some Thallium Sulphides and Sulphosalts.- Microbiological Leaching of Tin Minerals by Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans and Organic Agents.- A Contribution to the Stannite Problem.- Mineralogical Studies.- Crystallogenetic Disequilibrium in Ore Veins as Indicated by Hydrothermal Fluid Inclusions.- Fluid Inclusions and Trace Element Content of Quartz and Pyrite Pebbles from Witwatersrand Conglomerates: Their Significance with Respect to the Genesis of Primary Deposits.- The Nature and Significance of the Pleochroism of the Cassiterites of the Southeast Asian Tin Belt.- New Observations on Ore Formation and Weathering of the Kamariza Deposit, Laurion, SE Attica (Greece).- Bravoite and Co-Ni-Bearing Marcasite and Their Zoning Relationships.- Bismuth-Tellurium Associations: New Minerals of the Wehrlite-Pilsenite Assemblage from Hungary.- Rutile of Postmagmatic Mineral Formation.


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