Optimization of sulfur recovery unit: Claus unit

Optimization of sulfur recovery unit: Claus unit

Taschenbuch - 9783659102721
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von Samer Asadi


This book is perfect for both the faculty members and the students. It vividly describes the optical conditions of the sulfur recovery unit and simulation of unit with TSWEET. Furthermore, it provides several methods for optimization of sulfur recovery unit. This book used the process simulator TSWEET to predict the effect of various parameters on the temperature of the reaction furnace for sulfur recovery. There are a lot of sulfur recovery units that suffers from catalytic substrates damages by heavy hydrocarbons and low flame temperature of the reaction furnace. To reduce this problem, several parameters of this simulator was used to evaluate changes (To optimize the reaction furnace temperature ) the concentration of H2S, O2, Ratio of H2S/CO2, air flow rate, Acidic fraction of the gas flow entering the furnace and the reaction temperature of acid feed. I hope you will find it useful.

Tags: Technik, Chemische Technik

Taschenbuch - 9783659102721
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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ISBN-13: 9783659102721
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