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NLP: Strategies to Access and Reprogram Your Mind

NLP: Strategies to Access and Reprogram Your Mind

von Tina Berg
Taschenbuch - 9781087869308
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Are there aspects of your life that you struggle to cope with, even when you know that you shouldn't? Do you find that it is exceedingly difficult for you to figure out what to do with yourself when you are stressed? Do you wish that you could take control of yourself and your life once and for all? If so, then keep reading…
People everywhere have areas in their lives that bring them down. They may have bad habits, bad thoughts, or both. Whether you find that you are regularly plagued with negative thoughts that keep you down, you realize that your self-esteem is horrible, or you have some sort of negative habit that is making life miserable, there is help for you-and it does not need to happen at a therapist's office!
You can learn to take control of your life, your beliefs, your habits, and your mind, all by stopping and considering how to use neuro-linguistic programming. Designed to bring access to healing techniques to people who may not necessarily have access to a licensed therapist but based upon much of the same psychology, NLP is all about looking at how we interact with the world, why we do what we do, and how that can come together to create our experiences. In NLP, it is believed that your thoughts are your experiences that you have lived through with some sort of personal narrative applied. These narratives that you create then influence how you feel and how you behave. Your beliefs become the root of everything-they impact your successes and your failures. They determine if you are someone that can be a go-getter or someone that decides that it is not worth trying. All of this comes from your beliefs.
When you have negative beliefs, however, you start to run into all sorts of problems. You struggle to get on the right track. You may find that you cannot do what you need to do. You feel like success is impossible or not worth it, and NLP can help you replace it all.
With NLP, you can begin to take control of those beliefs, reframing and reprogramming them to become the successful beliefs that you will need.
You do not have to keep living life a slave to your emotions. You do not need to continue to let negative beliefs hold you down any longer. You can learn to defeat it all-and all it is that you need to do is scroll up and click on BUY NOW today. You do not need to waste another moment when everything that you need is right in front of you.


Verlag Indy Pub
Ersterscheinung Februar 2020
Maße 229 mm x 152 mm x 3 mm
Gewicht 108 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9781087869308
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