My Journey to Rediscover Relationships

My Journey to Rediscover Relationships

von Johnie Hinson
Taschenbuch - 9781640795495
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Johnie Hinson's journey to rediscover relationships took him to a new level in his understanding of relationship dynamics. The Lord opened a door of opportunity allowing Johnie to glean precious knowledge about the greatest gift He gave to humanity. The Lord's revelations provided keen insight into how He views relationships and His expectations of how Johnie should approach them.
The first revelation or divine insight Johnie discusses in his book reveals the significance of our connections. "Life is all about relationships, and relationships are all about life." Johnie discovered that nothing in life promotes greater satisfaction than meaningful connections with family, friends, and the Lord who made life possible. As a result, Johnie chose to make his relationships a priority.
Johnie's journey also provided him with a greater understanding of marriage and his role in the home. He learned that marriage isn't a contract between a man and a woman but a covenant designed to connect them in a lifelong union. Johnie is constantly reminded by the Lord that "Your marriage isn't about you, it's about what you promised in your vows." Although a painful reality, the author is learning that fulfilling his promise to his wife, Rene, is the only way to make their house a home. Johnie chose to become her husband, now he chooses to fulfill his responsibilities. Johnie is convinced that life is a journey, and if he intends to enjoy the ride, vertical and horizontal connections will play a significant role.
As a minister serving the Lord for 47 years and traveling around the globe, I can attest that everything rises and falls on relationships. As a minister, military officer, husband and father, Johnie Hinson's story can teach us a lifetime of lessons about relationships that we can all learn from. I highly recommend this book to you.

Rev. Dr. Paul Ai
President Vietnamese Outreach International
Bishop Overseer Vietnamese Harvest Network


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Ersterscheinung November 2017
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