Motivational factors influencing the expatriate: A study of Danish expatriates

Motivational factors influencing the expatriate: A study of Danish expatriates

Taschenbuch - 9783845405032
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von Bente Juhl, Sarah Fuglsig


This study investigates what motivational factors influence the expatriate before, during and after the stay abroad.The increasing globalisation of the world requires new measurements for businesses if they are to succeed in the international market. Today's information society, increasing world trade due to market integration, and massive increase of foreign direct investment are all factors influencing the way in which companies operate and manage their social capital - at home and abroad. Usage of expatriates as knowledge transferors has increased as a result of this alteration in the management of international companies and the ongoing change occuring outside the companies' domain is reflected in an internal organisational development. Internal company communication and coordination across borders, have become a necessity in order to control and encourage companies' interests abroad. In this, expatriates have become essential for the ability to compete on the international scene.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Management

Taschenbuch - 9783845405032
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