Members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Taschenbuch - 9781151050731
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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 215. Chapters: John Adams, Calvin Coolidge, Barney Frank, Scott Brown, Massachusetts House of Representatives, Joseph Wightman, Michael Dukakis, David I. Walsh, William S. Clark, Stephen Lynch (politician), Benjamin Franklin Butler (politician), Jeff Perry (politician), William H. Lewis, Joseph Story, Henry Cabot Lodge, Dudley Leavitt Pickman, Nathaniel P. Banks, Ed Markey, James Michael Curley, John P. Bigelow, Samuel Hoar, Levi Lincoln, Sr., William R. Keating, Benjamin Robbins Curtis, Paul Cellucci, Tip O'Neill, Lemuel Shaw, Horace Mann, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., George S. Boutwell, Alfred S. Hartwell, John Olver, William Nutt, John William McCormack, Thomas Finneran, Ryan Fattman, J. James Marzilli, Jr., Joseph William Martin, Jr., Bill Delahunt, William Taylor Adams, Patrick Guerriero, Nathan Dane, William S. McNary, Althea Garrison, Benson Leavitt, Andrew Card, Josiah Quincy III, Caleb Cushing, Moses Kimball, Walter E. Lawrence, Theodore Sedgwick, Henry L. Pierce, Charles Francis Adams, Sr., Henry Gordon Wells, George O. Brastow, Henry Wilson, Michael Sullivan (U.S. Attorney), Nathaniel B. Borden, Henry Shaw Briggs, Robert Charles Winthrop, John G. Palfrey, Marcus Morton, Joseph T. Buckingham, William Lantigua, Jarrett Barrios, Lewis Evangelidis, Elisha Hunt Allen, Albert P. Langtry, Edward J. Clancy, Jr., George Frisbie Hoar, Benjamin F. Haines, Levi S. Gould, Roger Hooker Leavitt, George N. Briggs, Joseph Bradley Varnum, Richard Olney, William Cogswell, Hart Leavitt, John Q. A. Brackett, John Sherburne Sleeper, Mel King, Samuel Zoll, Rufus Choate, Leverett Saltonstall, John Albion Andrew, Henry K. Oliver, John K. Tarbox, Steven Angelo, Alvan T. Fuller, Carolyn Dykema, George Keverian, Barry Finegold. Excerpt: John Adams (October 30, 1735 (O.S. October 19, 1735) - July 4, 1826) was the second President of the United States (1797-1801), having earlier served as the first Vice President of the United States. An American Founding Father, he was a statesman, diplomat, and a leader of American independence from Great Britain. Well educated, he was an Enlightenment political theorist who promoted republicanism and wrote prolifically about his often seminal ideas, both in published works and in letters to his wife and key adviser Abigail as well as to other Founding Fathers. Adams came to prominence in the early stages of the American Revolution. A lawyer and public figure in Boston, as a delegate from Massachusetts to the Continental Congress, he played a leading role in persuading Congress to declare independence. He assisted Thomas Jefferson in drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and was its primary advocate in the Congress. Later, as a diplomat in Europe, he helped negotiate the eventual peace treaty with Great Britain, and was responsible for obtaining vital governmental loans from Amsterdam bankers. A political theorist and historian, Adams largely wrote the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780, which together with his earlier Thoughts on Government, influenced American political thought. One of his greatest roles was as a judge of character: in 1775, he nominated George Washington to be commander-in-chief, and 25 years later nominated John Marshall to be Chief Justice of the United States. Adams' revolutionary credentials secured him two terms as George Washington's vice president and his own election in 1796 as the second president. During his one term, he encountered ferocious attacks by the ...

Taschenbuch - 9781151050731
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