Marketing Village Chicken in Kenya:: A Case of Tich Nam Enterprises Ltd.

Marketing Village Chicken in Kenya:: A Case of Tich Nam Enterprises Ltd.

Taschenbuch - 9783639364262
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von Fredrick Aila, Hazel Mumbo, John Paul Onyango


This book is a quick documentation of market operations of village chicken in Kenya. It follows discussions that emerged from the 8th Tich Annual Scientific Conference held at The Great lakes University of Kisumu between 29th April to 1st May 2011. The book uses a case study to demonstrate these market operations. Tich Nam Enterprises Limited and Great Lakes University of Kisumu has identified the village chicken chains as an integral part of its community operations. The chains are aggressively promoted to provide viable livelihood sources to communities it seeks to uplift. Where as emphasis of poultry production in Kenya is highly skewed towards commercial breeds, smallholders primarily producing indigenous or village chicken have been neglected. Village chicken can actively participate in markets and can improve livelihoods in rural Kenya. Pertinent areas covered in the book include feeding, housing, diseases and biosecurity issues, and access to markets. As village chicken enter and participate in commercial value chains, acceptability by consumers will be increased. Ultimately, the village chicken is a sure foundation for socioeconomic development of the rural folk.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Werbung, Marketing

Taschenbuch - 9783639364262
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