Managing Quality in Higher Education: A contemporary perspective

Managing Quality in Higher Education: A contemporary perspective

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von Primrose Kurasha, Raphinos A. Chabaya, Paul Mupa


Higher education has direct bearing on society for its growth and socio-economic and political development. However, the proliferation of HE institutions, though a proud phase in the economic regeneration of the world, brought in its trail innumerable traits and accountability challenges. The need for ensuring high caliber of educational service is more imminent now than never before since quality of HE falls short of attaining the global-level excellence. Diminishing funding in HE from the governments caused the mushrooming of private institutions across the globe and society bear the brunt of the poor quality service yet they deserve the best. Therefore, quality has become a competitive weapon for the institutions to serve and attract their primary customers (students). This book, a timely contribution to the debate on quality in HE, seeks to help institutions of higher learning provide quality service to their clients. Though quality is contextual, this book has been written to an international audience, making use of research information from across the globe in order to widen the options for quality in HE.

Tags: Pädagogik, Bildungswesen

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