Literacy: Changes and Needs in an African Society

Literacy: Changes and Needs in an African Society

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von Dickson M. Mwansa


The books is about perspectives of participants in literacy projects on the significance of education through literacy in Zambia an African society. It carries voices of beneficiaries of literacy education on social, cultural and psychological changes that take place at individual, family and community levels as people acquire the skills of reading and writing in a society where such skills were not part of people's lives. More succinctly it demonstrates processes of awakening to the new ways of learning and communication. Key finding of the work is that literacy education dispels fears and raises self esteem of participants in literacy. The book blends well literacy theory with experiences of the those afflicted by the scourge of illiteracy. Further it demonstrates the existence and value of indigenous education prior to the on set of western education.

Tags: Pädagogik, Erwachsenenbildung

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