Italian energy abroad: Cooperation outside the national boundaries

Italian energy abroad: Cooperation outside the national boundaries

Taschenbuch - 9783848486410
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von Silvio Labbate


For a long time the Italian peninsula has been an area of conquest for every type of foreign investment. This situation has also been mirrored in the energy sector, with the presence of strong foreign groups interested in conquering wide sectors of the inside market. Nevertheless this has not excluded the existence of Italian entrepreneurial groups that have operated autonomously and with good results both at home and abroad. Actually there are many cases of international collaboration in the energy sector with Italy as leader: both through the active presence of some experts or scientists in assets abroad and the sale of technology (products or brevets) that today we would define as made in Italy. This type of cooperation has originated since very remote times, but it was only after the First World War that the international exchanges, which Italy actively participated to, increased.

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Taschenbuch - 9783848486410
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