In honor of Ilse Lehiste: Ilse Lehiste Pühendusteos

In honor of Ilse Lehiste: Ilse Lehiste Pühendusteos

Hardcover - 9783110133035
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Frontmatter -- DEDICATION. To Ilse Lehiste -- Contents -- Biography of Ilse Lehiste -- Publication List of Ilse Lehiste -- Part One: Phonetic Studies -- Twelve Remarks on the Teaching of Phonetics / Austerlitz, Robert -- Juncture Revisited / Cohen, Anthony -- The Perception of Word Stress: A Comparison of Estonian and Russian / Eek, Arvo -- Toneme Patterns in Norwegian and in Swedish Dialects / Fintoft, Knut -- Segment Duration in Danish Words: Dependency on Higher Level Phonological Units / Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli -- Analysis of Complex (Integrated) Melodic Patterns / Fónagy, Ivan / Fónagy, Judith -- A Note on the Suprasegmental Representation of Prosody / Fromkin, Victoria A. -- A Linear Model of Speech Timing / Fujimura, Osamu -- A Set of German Stressed Monophthongs Analyzed by RTA, FFT, and LPC / Iivonen, Antti -- The Temporal Relationship between Articulations of Consonants and Adjacent Vowels / Kiritani, Shigeru / Sawashima, Masayuki -- The Application of Analog Models of Some Auditory Mechanisms for Speech Signal Processing / Kozhevnikov, V.A. / Drozdova, N.E. / Stoljarova, È.I. -- The Concept of Target and Speech Timing / Lindblom, B. / Lubker, J. / Gay, T. / Lyberg, B. / Branderud, P. / Holmgren, K. -- Phonetic Validation of Distinctive Features: A Test Case in French / Lisker, Leigh / Abramson, Arthur S. -- Cognitive Phonetics - Some of the Evidence / Morton, Katherine -- Oral Vowel Reduction in Brazilian Portuguese / Nobre, Maria Alzira / Ingemann, Frances -- Explaining the Intrinsic Pitch of Vowels / Ohala, John J. / Eukel, Brian W. -- Rate and Reduction: Some Preliminary Evidence / Shockey, Linda -- Rules for Assimilation of Voice in Dutch / Slis, Iman H. -- Some Acoustical and Perceptual Correlates of Nasal Vowels / Stevens, Kenneth N. / Fant, Gunnar / Hawkins, Sarah -- The Formation, Analysis and Perception of Hungarian Affricates / Tarnóczy, Tamás -- Cognitive Phonetics - Some of the Theory / Tatham, Marcel -- The Basic Intonation Contours of the Principal Communicative Types of Utterances in English and Estonian / Vende, Kullo -- Part Two: Language Studies -- Semitic Has Four vowels / Anwar, Mohamed Sami -- The 1st Singular Preterite Subjunctive in Germanic / Benediktsson, Hreinn -- Baby Talk: Adult Prediction of Child Pronunciations / Bond, Z.S. -- An 'Indo-European' Type Copula in Plains Miwok / Callaghan, Catherine A. -- A Function of the Instrumental Case in Russian / Channon, Robert -- Unreal Hypothetical Periods in South Slavic and Greek and Related Features / Galton, Herbert -- The Minimal Pair in the Finnish Spelling Debate of the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries, with a Glance at the First Grammatical Treatise / Groenke, Ulrich -- The Morphophonemics of Latvian Declension / Halle, Morris -- What Helmholtz Knew about Neutral Vowels / Harms, Robert T. -- Articulatory Modes and Typological Universals: The Puzzle of Bantu Ejectives and Aspirates / Herbert, Robert K. -- Loan Words and the Estonian Grade Alternation / Hint, Mati -- The Accentuation of the Serbocroatian Dialect of Uljma / Ivic, Pavle -- Vocalic Oppositions in Monosyllabic English Words / Jassem, Wiktor -- Sound Correspondences and Levels of Transmission: Problems in the Fluctuating Representation of Medial /kt(j)/, /pt(j)/ in Hispano-Romance / Malkiel, Yakov -- The Morphophonemics of Flexion in Serbocroatian: A Comparison / Naylor, Kenneth E. -- Sämpsä Pellervoinen / Oinas, Felix J. -- Vowel Lengthening and metatonie rude in Lithuanian / Robinson, David F. -- The Grammar of Choice in Russian and English / Rugaleva, Anelya -- The Passive in English: A Discourse Perspective / Thompson, Sandra A. -- Middle Chinese Tones in Modern Dialects / Wang, William / Cheng, Chin Chuan -- Patterns First, Exceptions Later / Zwicky, Arnold M. / Zwicky, Ann D. -- ADDRESS-LIST


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