Implementation of the AASHTO Pavement Design Procedures: into Multi-Pave

Implementation of the AASHTO Pavement Design Procedures: into Multi-Pave

von Abiy Bekele
Taschenbuch - 9783659128981
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In this project, the originalAmerican Association of state Highways Officials (AASHO) Road Test which is the basis of AASHO Interim Design Guide, 1961, is reviewed. All the research methodologies and findings of the road test and the design input parameters have been discussed in brief. The main body of the project is the implementation of empirical pavement design procedures for the flexible as well as rigid pavement byAmerican Association of state Highwaysand Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in to two MATLAB modules. The outputs of the program i.e. the thicknesses for the different layers are calculated based on the different set of design input parameters. These outputs are validated against manual calculations based on the original AASHTO design equations and nomographs. The use of this tool can be of great help in avoiding inconsistency which results from using nomographs.


Verlag LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ersterscheinung September 2012
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ISBN-13 9783659128981
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