Ifep for Nuclear Submarines: A Roadmap

Ifep for Nuclear Submarines: A Roadmap

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von Imran Khan


Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP) has a great role to play in the fuel economy of commercial and military vessels; but for a nuclear submarine there are far better options to be explored. A nuclear submarine lacks the advantage of silent operations compared to conventional diesel-electric submarine. However, recent advancement in power dense naval electric propulsion systems has presented IFEP as a viable option for stealthier nuclear submarines. The suggested roadmap is a full electric drive submarine utilizing Advanced Induction Motor and Pulse Width Modulation Converters through AC transmission, with a futuristic approach towards Superconducting motors and alternators with DC transmission. The IFEP equipment has been selected through scaling of available technology to the required rating and standard.

Tags: Ratgeber, Fahrzeuge

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