I Hate Divorce: Don't Allow it, Don't Think it, Don't Permit it

I Hate Divorce: Don't Allow it, Don't Think it, Don't Permit it

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von Jonathan Onche Edeh


Presently suffering the assault of a highly destructive humanistic ideology is the bond of human relationship, allowing society and its institutions the right of the abuse of marriage, the bastardization of the family and utter degradation of human dignity. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves if a life robbed of its wholeness, productivity and fulfillment by breaking the bond of family unity and oneness is a noble priority and dedication. We should come to terms with the actual and future state of society- decadence, a direct consequence of an irresponsible act perpetrated by us, and the system. This book would attempt to influence and guide your thoughts in the right direction, as it intimates you with the basics, lines and truths of a relationship and lifelong institution that is now struggling for survival.

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