Human Resource Accounting in India: Future Prospects For HRA Applications

Human Resource Accounting in India: Future Prospects For HRA Applications

Taschenbuch - 9783848486687
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von Suesh Kumar Pandey


This book highlights the valuation of human recourse through different model by providing theoretical justification to the human resource valuation concept. The human resource management models suggested to data includes both monetary and non-monetary methods. Human Recourse Accounting (HRA) helps in identifying the right person for the right job, based on the persons' specialized skills, knowledge, capabilities, experience, etc. Valuation of human assets could also be effectively used to motivate employees to achieve best results, using the best of their abilities. It also ensured continuous evaluation and follow up of various human resource policies associated with recruitment, selection, training, development and retention. By adopting and implementing HRA in an organization could obtained information's i.e. Cost per employee, Human Capital Investment Ratio, The ratio of salary paid to revenue generated, Absenteeism rates, Employee turnover rate and retention rate. Although this book is helpful to researchers, students and society in various ways to understand the information about HRA and its importance in terms of income, occupation, finance, economics etc.....

Tags: Ratgeber, Recht, Beruf, Finanzen

Taschenbuch - 9783848486687
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