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von Robin Wood
Hardcover - 9781450086073
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Lori, a young mother, struggles for life after years of a mysterious illness. During what appeared to be her last hospital stay before leaving mortality, Joan, her assigned nurse for the night, finds Lori crying out with all the ability of her physically exhausted body, "No not the children, not the children, please, not the children!!"
Joan is quite taken back as she remembers having seen this identical scene two years before. Her own daughter, Bonnie, had cried out in this very same way before she died of an equally mysterious illness.
Shocked at the unexplainable similarity, the two women resolve to step out of the norm and discover what's really happening.
The truths that unfolded would have been impossible to believe had they not found in the events that followed answers to situations that, against all reason, could have had no other explanation.
They stumbled across knowledge of a society hidden from detection. An organized group of people that could enslave, use and then discard any person they targeted.
Lori was being discarded. If she died in a hospital in some normal way the truth of her slavery would never be disclosed.
Nothing short of ready this story is capable of describing the life of a person targeted by this society.


Verlag Xlibris
Ersterscheinung Mai 2010
Maße 235 mm x 157 mm x 12 mm
Gewicht 380 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9781450086073
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 140