Growth and Yield of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.): Effect of Humic Acid and Hydrogel

Growth and Yield of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.): Effect of Humic Acid and Hydrogel

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von Hafiz Nazar Faried, Muhammad Aslam Pervez, Chaudary Muhammad Ayyub


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is a starchy, tuberous crop belongs to Solanaceae family (also known as the Nightshades). Potatoes are the world's fourth largest food crop, following rice, wheat, and maize. Genetic testing of the wide variety of cultivars and wild species suggest that the potato has a single origin in the area of southern Peru, from a species Solanum brevicaule complex. Soil health is a crucial factor for obtaining higher yield of vegetable crops. Poor soil health, soil structure, reduced microbial activities may result in deduction in plant growth and yield. To improve soil health, structure, fertility and productivity organic materials such as farm yard manure, compost, sewerage sludge and municipal waste has been used. Chemical fertilizers are also used to obtained sustainable productivity. To feed huge some of population, it is imperative to improve crop productivity with least effect on environment. This could only be achieved by the integration of conventional and non conventional approaches. This study was initiated to monitor the effects of humic acid and hydrogel on growth and yield performance of potato under general field conditions.

Tags: Biologie, Landwirtschaft, Gartenbau, Forstwirtschaft, Fischerei, Ernährung

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