Grassroots Women's Groups in Nepal:: Understanding their sustainability

Grassroots Women's Groups in Nepal:: Understanding their sustainability

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von Kamal Gaire


In the Himalayan country of Nepal, the inclusion of women in government extension projects has been a key development strategy since 1990s. Extension projects encourage and provide support for the establishment of grassroots women's groups. Most of these groups disintegrate after the termination of government support; however, and before achieving all their objectives, indicating that extension agencies are generally unsuccessful in establishing sustainable groups. This book explores the issues related to the sustainability of these women's groups, and identifies the reasons for their premature disintegration. A case study approach is employed, using qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews with group members and extension officers in the Kavre district of Nepal. Meeting group members' needs is a precondition for sustainability; however, results suggest that the perception of these needs differs between the women-who desire self-empowerment-and extension agencies-who want increased productivity. Results further suggest that while cultural diversity may increase sustainability, economic and gender diversity may have the opposite effect. Nepalese extension

Tags: Soziologie, Frauenforschung, Geschlechterforschung

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