Fundamentals of   Theory of Machines: Kinematics and Kinetics

Fundamentals of Theory of Machines: Kinematics and Kinetics

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von Abdallah A. Alshennawy, Ayman A. Aly Elnaggar


This book was prepared for students in mechanical engineering and engineering technology to study the kinematics and dynamics of machinery topics which are often given as a single course, or two-course sequence. Upon completing this book, the reader will possess a firm understanding of the basics required to the process of design, since mechanisms tend to be intuitive for the typical mechanical engineering student to visualize and create. The writing and style of presentation in the text is designed to be clear, informal, and easy to read. Many example problems and solution techniques are presented and spelled out in detail, both verbally and graphically. Therefore it was necessary for us to refer and use literature and a variety of sources to quote what is appropriate for achieving this aim, it is in no way a complete reference and the reader is encouraged to further enhance his or her knowledge.

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