Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World

Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World

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von Betty K. Earl


Fairy gardens are arranged with the kinds of miniature plants and accessories that might tempt a fairy to visit. In this illustrated book, Betty Earl tells what fairy gardens are and how to make and care for them, relates fairy lore and folklore, introduces the plants associated with fairies, and describes miniature plants for fairy and miniature gardens, indoors or out. There are 103 colorful photographs along with information on building or buying accessories for these delightful fantasy gardens.

Chapter 1: What is a Fairy Garden?
Chapter 2: What or Who are the Fairies?

Chapter 3: Creating a Successful Fairy Garden
Children and Fairy Gardens
Your Own Fairy Garden
Locating Your Outdoor Fairy Garden
Pick a Theme
Fairy Houses
Fairy Doors

Chapter 4: Combining and Adding Plants and Accessories
Plants for Outdoor Fairy Gardens
Indoor (Dish) Container Fairy Gardens
Fairy Garden Accessories
Adding Fairies

Chapter 5: Gardening with the Fairies
A Sampling of Fairy Legends
Flowers and Plants for Fairy Use
Flowers and Plants Associated with Fairies
Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies

Chapter 6: Planting and Maintenance of Fairy Gardens

Further Reading, Resources, and Index

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