Explosive Forming: Numerical Analysis of   Explosive Hydro Forming Process

Explosive Forming: Numerical Analysis of Explosive Hydro Forming Process

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von Saeed Jabalamelian, Aidy Ali, Azmah Hanim


This study presents a numerical investigation on the deformation of the circular blanket against a male die under impulsive loading to form a torispherical heads shape. A finite element model was developed and verified with experimental tests for the explosive forming of the torispherical heads made of AA5083 aluminum alloy in the framework of LS-DYNA crash simulator software. The nature of the deformation was turned from the stretching to the buckling and compression across the specimen by using a male die, which is a novel concept in the high speed forming processes. Johnson-Cook (JC) and Modified Zerilli-Armstrong (MZA) constitutive equations were used to describe the behavior of the specimen in a high strain rate forming process with different stress status. Most of the experimentally observed material behaviors simulated well in pure tension or compression tests, while the transient zone was not adequately described. The blast loading process including the underwater detonation and the interaction with the specimen simulated using Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian formulation as well as cavitations and reloading effect.

Tags: Technik, Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik

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