Essential Primary English

Essential Primary English

von David Wray, Jane Medwell
Taschenbuch - 9780335262007
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This book is an essential guide to teaching the Primary English curriculum, offering guidance on how to teach the subject, as well as covering the theory and subject knowledge that underpins it. Covering the whole of the Primary English curriculum the book focuses in particular on less-developed aspects such as the development of spoken language, the nature and development of comprehension and the teaching and learning of grammar. Key features include: . Practical teaching sequences, strategies and activities . Classroom cameos suggest ways of delivering content through meaningful activities . Essential 'Subject Knowledge' boxes present brief exposés of essential knowledge . Subject Knowledge Quizzes enable you to self-check your knowledge . 'Insights from Research' boxes outline underpinning theory and research If you are teaching or training to teach in the primary phase then this book will help you address each area of the Primary English curriculum, covering the requirements for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.


Verlag McGraw-Hill Education Ltd
Ersterscheinung August 2016
Maße 238 mm x 169 mm x 17 mm
Gewicht 400 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9780335262007
Auflage 1st ed.
Seiten 264