Essays on Theories of Management: The Contemporary Perspectives (Part 1)

Essays on Theories of Management: The Contemporary Perspectives (Part 1)

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von Sazali Abdul Wahab, Raduan Che Rose


The main objective of this work is to contribute to the management literature by comprehensively reviewing and exploring the management theories from the management science theory up to the current management theories. This book hopes to stimulate and generate dynamic and contemporary ideas among the new management researchers in a more systematic way to further identify, conceptualize, extend or even build new management theories and perspectives. This book, which consists of essays on management theories, discusses the current development of management theories and opportunities for further conceptual and empirical research. New researchers will find this work interesting and useful as it deliberates on the meaning of theory, the theory building process and subsequently discusses on how they could contribute to the expansion and extension of management theory.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Management

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