Enhancement of Voltage Quality: First Edition

Enhancement of Voltage Quality: First Edition

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von Malleswari Lanke, Venu Gopala Rao Mannam, Punya sekhar Chavali


Isolated power systems are commonly found in rural and remote areas of the world. These systems represent the alternative to grid connection, where interconnection to a large grid is not viable due to high cost and/or geographical obstacles. Furthermore, power systems such as those onboard of ships, in oil exploration areas and remote mining districts are characterized by limited generating capacity, supplying loads which can consist of significant amount of motor drives and power converters. The use of series compensators (SCs) in improving voltage quality of isolated power systems is to be considered.A control strategy for the SC is to be developed to regulate power flow. This is achieved through phase adjustment of load terminal voltage.Through a phase adjustment technique, we can show that the voltage quality across the terminals of the protected load can be controlled.

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