Emotional Intelligence: What Families Can Influence?

Emotional Intelligence: What Families Can Influence?

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von Fataneh Naghavi


This book proposes to explain and educate families on emotional intelligence among children. It hopes to contribute to scientific knowledge on childhood emotional intelligence. It also provides information aimed at fostering change in children's social adjustment and based on relevant research, emotional intelligent is associated with job and academic achievements, successful marriage, life satisfaction. Furthermore, the book is valuable for how those are in dealing with children and adolescents. The benefit from the book may be useful to policymakers and psychologists (especially children and adolescent development psychologists), consultants, family psychotherapists, teachers, parents and so on for a good decision making and a better understanding of children so as to assist them in developing their pro-social performance. These people, knowing about family ecological factors and emotional intelligence and their relation in helping children and preventing from emotional problems and negative personal characters like alexithymia, can operate better, especially considering the fact that emotional intelligence follows learning.

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