Doodle Adventures 01: The Search for the Slimy Space Slugs!

Doodle Adventures 01: The Search for the Slimy Space Slugs!

von Mike Lowery
Hardcover - 9780761187196
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DRAW IN THIS BOOK! Seriously, do it. Sure, parents and teachers are always saying NOT to doodle in your books, but here's a book that was actually made for you to doodle in. In fact, it's required. Without you, this story is incomplete. Meet Jim. He's a duck. He's also the member of a super secret international group of explorers. They need your help. An artifact has been stolen from their headquarters and they have no idea who took it. It's your job to draw your character, find the artifact, beat the bad guys, and get your hero home safely by the end of book. Are you up for the adventure? Good, now grab your pen or pencil and start scribbling! More than a mere doodle activity book, this is a reading book with a great story -- that the reader makes completely his or her own.


Verlag Workman Publishing
Ersterscheinung Mai 2016
Maße 208 mm x 146 mm x 20 mm
Gewicht 326 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9780761187196
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 105