Der Landkreis Freudenstadt: The district of Freudenstadt

Der Landkreis Freudenstadt: The district of Freudenstadt

von Jürgen Lück
Hardcover - 9783937843353
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The administrative district of Freudenstadt

is one of the most attractive in

Baden-Wuerttemberg. A good 70 kilometres

southwest of the state capital Stuttgart,

the region offers a mix of cultivated historic

towns, internationally successful industry,

and a lot of nature. The sparsely populated

area between Gäu landscape and the Mittelgebirge

mountain range attracts many hikers,

athletes and people seeking recreation to this

administrative district which includes as one

of its highlights the Black Forest national

park. No matter whether in Baiersbronn with

its star-awarded cuisine, in the Murg valley,

in Dornstetten with its historical half-timbered

houses, in the idyllic Zinsbach valley

by Pfalzgrafenweiler – everywhere the visitor

is greeted with open friendliness, rooted in a

love for the local lifestyle.


Verlag Medien-Verlag Schubert
Ersterscheinung November 2016
Maße 287 mm x 212 mm x 15 mm
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783937843353
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