Culture and the Kingdom: Its role in the Mission of the Church

Culture and the Kingdom: Its role in the Mission of the Church

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von Bernard Mugabiirwe


Culture and the Christian Gospel have Co-existed right from the birth of the latter. It is though undisputable that Human culture pre-existed the Gospel. In the early days after its birth, the Gospel interacted with the Jewish culture and also with the Greco-Roman Gentile Cultures. Throughout the ages, the gospel has infiltrated into numerous human cultures across societies and continents. In the earliest days, we see Judaizers using the Jewish culture to antagonise St.Paul's apostolic mission among the Gentiles. This creates the first question; Is Culture a weapon with which one can set out to fight the church mission? This work explores the relationship between culture and the Gospel or the church mission. Are cultural values compartible with those of christianity? Do they have commonalities? Is their co-existence necessary for the church mission? These and other related questions will find adquate answers in this work. This work is particularly aimed at sensitising the church leaders and missionaries especially those operating in conservative traditional Cultures. It will also enrich the entire Christian communion. May you be blessed as you read this book!

Tags: Religion, Theologie

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