Confronting a faceless enemy: The Church's Role in Tackling HIV/AIDS

Confronting a faceless enemy: The Church's Role in Tackling HIV/AIDS

Taschenbuch - 9783848495832
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von Samuel Tindiwensi


HIV/AIDS is equated with a faceless enemy who is too hard to face and fight. Indeed, HIV/AIDS as a disease in Uganda has caused not only trauma but shame and stigmatization to both the infected and affected. Possibly, it is only those who have not been affected that can make claims and even laugh at those engulfed by the monster. The church is called upon to provide pastoral care so that the affected can be able to overcome the stigmatization that surrounds the mourning and bereaved families. Not until the people are saved from the fear and psychological torture that HIV/AIDS brings, that they can be able to give HIV/AIDS a face.This is only when people will accept it like any other disease. It is at this point that people will be able to speak the truth and admit it; so that they can fully accept to cope with stigmatization and shame that surrounds the infect and affected. The book basically explores the role the Church can play in helping the society to try and help the infected and affected to cope with "the enemy without a face.

Tags: Religion, Theologie, Praktische Theologie

Taschenbuch - 9783848495832
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