Children's Worlds and Children's Language

Children's Worlds and Children's Language

Hardcover - 9783110106817
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Frontmatter -- Preface / Streeck, Jürgen -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Introduction / Cook-Gumperz, Jenny / Corsaro, William A. -- Issues in Theory and Method of Studying Children's Worlds -- Studying Children's Worlds: Methodological Issues / Corsaro, William A. / Streeck, Jürgen -- Caught in a Web of Words: Some Considerations on Language Socialization and Language Acquisition / Cook-Gumperz, Jenny -- The Preschool Years -- The Preschool Years -- From Early Interaction Patterns To Language Acquisition: Which Continuity? / Camaioni, Luigia -- The Construction of Joint Activities with an Age-Mate: The Transition from Caregiver-Child to Peer Play / Budwig, Nancy / Strage, Amy / Bamberg, Michael -- The Social World of Kwara'ae Children: Acquisition of Language and Values / Watson-Gegeo, Karen Ann / Gegeo, David W. -- The Social Construction of the Sibling Relationship / Schütze, Yvonne / Kreppner, Kurt / Paulsen, Sibylle -- Rules in Action: Orderly Features of Actions that Formulate Rules / Wootton, Anthony J. -- Nursery School and the Early Grades -- Nursery School and the Early Grades -- The Young Child's Image of the Person and the Social World: Some Aspects of the Child's Representation of Persons / Shields, Maureen M. / Duveen, Gerard M. -- Development of Communicative Skills: The Construction of Fictional Reality in Children's Play / Auwärter, Manfred -- Routines in Peer Culture / Corsaro, William A. -- A Silent World of Movements. Interactional Processes among Deaf Children / Coenen, Herman -- Middle Childhood and Adolescence -- Middle Childhood and Adolescence -- Towards Reciprocity: Politics, Rank and Gender in the Interaction of a Group of Schoolchildren / Streeck, Jürgen -- Activity Structure as Scaffolding for Children's Second Language Learning / Ervin-Tripp, Susan M. -- Adult Elicited Child Behavior: The Paradox of Measuring Social Competence Through Interviewing / Siegert, Michael T. -- Learning How to Become an Interlocutor. The Verbal Negotiation of Common Frames of Reference and Actions in Dyads of 7 - 1 4 Year Old Children / Weissenborn, Jürgen -- The Social Organization of Adolescent Gossip: The Rhetoric of Moral Evaluation / Fine, Gary Alan -- Learning How to Contradict and Still Pursue a Common End - The Ontogenesis of Moral Argumentation / Miller, Max -- Subject Index


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