Child and human rights: A sincere effort to improve the quality of childhood

Child and human rights: A sincere effort to improve the quality of childhood

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All children have right to be protected wherever they are, at home, in a school, on the streets and at all times peace, conflict or calamities. Children's right to protection is an intrinsic to their well being, as is the right to survival, development and participation. Ensuring that all children are protected from violence, abuse and exploitation is the responsibility of their family, their guardians and the state. In order to develop their full potential, children need a safe and protective environment around them. Unfortunately, most of our children are deprived of such protective environment as in many cases it has been found that often people responsible for violence and abuse against children are the same persons who are responsible for their safety and security. The main objective of my manuscript is to improve a motivation in everyone. As our sincere efforts will enable our children to meet their basic needs, to improve the quality of their childhood and prepare them to be a good citizen of the nation. Our children are our strength and the foundation of our society. It is therefore incumbent on us to work towards giving them their childhood back.

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