Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany

von Mark D. Merlin, Robert C. Clarke
Taschenbuch - 9780520292482
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Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary exploration of the natural origins and early evolution of this famous plant, highlighting its historic role in the development of human societies. Cannabis has long been prized for the strong and durable fiber in its stalks, its edible and oil-rich seeds, and the psychoactive and medicinal compounds produced by its female flowers. The culturally valuable and often irreplaceable goods derived from cannabis deeply influenced the commercial, medical, ritual, and religious practices of cultures throughout the ages, and human desire for these commodities directed the evolution of the plant toward its contemporary varieties. As interest in cannabis grows and public debate over its many uses rises, this book will help us understand why humanity continues to rely on this plant and adapts it to suit our needs.


Verlag University of California
Ersterscheinung September 2016
Maße 279 mm x 215 mm x 25 mm
Gewicht 1335 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9780520292482
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