Burnout syndrom at andragogical professions: How not to bunt out

Burnout syndrom at andragogical professions: How not to bunt out

Taschenbuch - 9783845401386
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von Tereza Trnavská


For my book I have chosen topic of burnout syndrome and I have tried to discovered it on connection with andragogical professions who work with some health impairment and disadvantages.Trios thesis contains two main parts - the theoretical and the empirical. In the theoretic part of the work explained of the basic terms relaited to choosen topic. I have also desribed the bucnout syndrom as actually fenomenon, the personality of andragogical professions and some aspects of work with people with some disabilities.In the research part I have performed the quantitative research by a questionaire about burnout. Tens people working in institutions for people with health impairment or health or social disadvantages have answered about their job and mainly personally feelings and experience. The aim of my research was to make a finding to the attitudes and feelings of these workers. These results correspondented weith theoretical knowledge in the first part of my work.The aim of this work was to do attention to burnout syndrome problems and mainly know strategies of prevention of burnout syndrome.

Tags: Sozialwissenschaften allgemein

Taschenbuch - 9783845401386
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