Blood Sport

Blood Sport

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von Rick Simonds


MSP Detective Reed Sanderson is put in charge of a homicide task force in an attempt to solve a series of baffling deaths in the Pine Tree State. Because these deaths are seemingly without motive, he must determine if these are homicides before he can attempt to find the perpetrator. After he unlocks the mystery, he is confronted with a challenge more sinister; the abduction of his teen-aged son. Rick Simonds is known on many fronts. Blood Sport is his second novel after his breakout novel Blood Code was published in 2011. In addition to being an English and Creative Writing teacher at the high school level he also serves as the color commentator for the NBA D league, Maine Red Claws on WJAB radio and Time Warner television broadcasts. He has written weekly newspaper columns as well as been a columnist and feature writer for various magazines. For 24 years he served as a college and professional basketball coach and has been inducted into three athletic Hall of Fames. He currently resides in Maine.

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